Chocolate Dipped Strawberry & Vanilla Ice-Cream

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry & Vanilla Ice-Cream

Is there anything better during the hot summer months than a freezing cold ice cream (or two)?!

Sadly, it's far from the healthiest summer snack option. Store bought vegan ice-creams are usually super high in fat and sugar, so if you're health-conscious, it won't be something you'll feel good about eating.

It's time for that to change... we have an excellent HEALTHY ice-cream recipe to share with you!

The star of the show here is our brand new Strawberry and Vanilla PERFORM protein powder, which is ideal for a post-workout meal (or even just a high-protein snack). It's packed with 25g of plant-based protein, 6g of BCAA's and some superfoods for enhanced recovery.

Most importantly though...it's delicious!


      1 cup oat milk (can swap for canned coconut milk if you’d like an extra creamy texture)

      1 cup frozen mixed berries

      3 tbsp smooth cashew butter

      1 scoop Vivo Life PERFORM Strawberry & Vanilla protein

      50g vegan chocolate of choice

      Tsp coconut oil

      Sprinkles to decorate


      1. In a blender, combine the milk, frozen berries, sweetener, cashew butter and Vivo Life protein, then blitz these together until super smooth and creamy.

      2. Pour the mixture into your ice lolly moulds (make sure the sticks are as central as possible, or these will set wonky!)

      3. Leave these to set up in the freezer for 5 hours, or overnight.

      4. Once your lollies are ready, melt the chocolate and coconut oil together, then carefully dip each of them into the melted chocolate and garnish with some sprinkles.

      5. Place the lollies onto a parchment lined tray/dish (make sure this is freezer safe) to store them.

      If you're looking for another easy high-protein snack to make, check out our apple crumble protein muffins!

      Thank you @charleyshealth for this amazing recipe!