Why we created perform

There are thousands of protein powders on the market right now. So what is it that makes PERFORM so special? Why did we spend years creating our very own protein powder when the market is already so saturated?

The reason I am writing this short blog today is to let you know more about PERFORM, straight from the people that created it. I want to explain the journey that led us to create our very own protein powder, how we did so, and what makes it different to everything else that's out there today.

Whether you're already using PERFORM or are still wondering what all the fuss is about, I hope this short blog gives you a chance to get to know it even better.

The story so far

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Salv and I have been fitness mad for as long as we can remember. We play various different sports, weight train, sprint, and enjoy pushing our body to the limit in any way that we can.

Whatever it is we do, we want to perform at the highest level. And we created Vivo Life with a goal to help 1 million people around the world do the same (yes, we’re counting!). We know that a high quality protein powder is one of the most important supplements that an athlete can use. Between us, we’ve tried hundreds. We’ve shipped brands in from America, Australia, and countless other countries in between. But we’ve never been able to find one that ticks all of our boxes.

We wanted a protein powder that was made with the highest quality, plant based ingredients. That was a no brainer. But we also wanted a formula that delivered serious results. After all, what good is it having great ingredients if they’re not put together in a formula that makes you run faster, lift more weight, or look better naked?

For too long there has been a huge divide between protein powders created for health, and protein powders created for performance. With PERFORM, all that changes.

The Next Generation of Plant Based Protein

Vivo Life first PERFORM raw plant protein powder

The first thing we knew we had to do with PERFORM was to find a way to create the best amino acid profile on the market.

To achieve this, we used a blend of four different plant proteins. Not only did this give us a complete amino acid profile, but it also provided a high concentration of leucine, isoleucine and valine. These are the three Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) that form the building blocks of muscle.

Pea protein is commonly used in plant based proteins, and is well known for having an exceptionally high protein content. But, the heat process that is used to extract the protein from the peas can denature the amino acids and make it difficult to absorb efficiently. So, we used patented bio-fermentation technology to unlock this amazing source of protein without the use of heat, thus keeping all the precious amino acids (which our body uses for growth and repair) intact.

We complimented this with three nutrient dense, cold pressed, superfood proteins: organic hemp, organic spirulina, and organic chlorella. Not only do these improve the bio-availability and the amino acid profile of the product, but they also add valuable nutrients such as iron, calcium and B vitamins.

Finally, we added additional plant derived BCAAs, scientifically proven to enhance muscular recovery. This made us the first vegan protein powder on the market with added BCAAs for performance. This unique combination of raw plant proteins and BCAA gave us a superior amino acid profile to whey, widely considered the ‘gold standard’ in protein. But we weren’t going to stop there.

PERFORMance boosters

perform protein powder

Now the protein itself was complete, we wanted to add a few carefully selected ingredients to help take PERFORM to an even higher level.

The first was turmeric extract, widely known as one of the world’s most powerful antioxidants. This helps fight back against oxidative stress that results from your workouts, accelerating your recovery and allowing you to get back in training again faster.

The next was pure Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt contains 82 different trace minerals, helping to replenish those precious electrolytes we lose during sweat. Just a pinch is all it takes, but that pinch plays an essential part in the post workout recovery and re-hydration process.

Lastly, we added an organic, plant based digestive enzyme complex to ensure optimum absorption and assimilation. This means PERFORM gets to work faster and more efficiently, allowing for a greater amino acid uptake and faster recovery.

Perfecting the taste

The last part of our product development journey was perfecting the taste. There was never any question of us using artificial flavours and sweeteners, so it became a question of sourcing the very best natural ingredients to create the perfect flavour profile.

In total, we tested over 60 different flavour blends until we had it absolutely nailed. For most protein powders, you’re lucky if the taste is remotely palatable. We wanted to create something that was unquestionably delicious. If you’ve worked hard in the gym, the very least you deserve is a great tasting shake to follow.

We went the extra mile to source the highest quality ingredients that would really give us the edge when it came to taste. Whether it was arriba cacao from Ecuador, or wild vanilla beans from Madagascar, we made no compromises and spared no expense in order to get the very best.

If you’ve tasted it yourself, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

vivo life perform protein powder high protein powder

Creating PERFORM

Now we had our formula nailed down, we had to find a way to bring it to life.

Luckily for us, this was the easiest part of the process. Our good friends at Revolution Foods had recently opened a brand new, certified organic manufacturing facility with state of the art blending equipment. How about that for perfect timing? So, we got in touch with them about producing PERFORM, and shortly after, were working with them to produce our first test batch.

One of the best things about our manufacturing facility is that it is only used to create health products. Most large manufacturing facilities used to make protein powders also process a whole range of other products, including those that contain potential allergens such as gluten and dairy.

If you’re super sensitive to these products, there is always a risk of cross contamination if your product is being made in a facility that handles them. Our manufacturing facility is 100% gluten, dairy and sugar free – meaning there is absolutely no risk of unwanted ingredients finding their way into our product. What’s more, our manufacturing facility is also 100% vegan, giving you complete peace of mind if you choose not to eat animal products.

The final part of the process involved sourcing tubs that were BPA free and fully recyclable (easier said than done!) and finally, working out a way that we could use PERFORM to inspire a whole new generation of athletes.

Partnership with StreetGames

When we set up Vivo Life, we made it our mission to help 1 million people around the world get fit and healthy. It’s certainly not an easy goal, but we’re not going to rest until we get there.

By creating PERFORM, we are extremely confident that we have created a product that can make a serious impact on the fitness and performance of anyone that uses it. But more than that, it now also gives us a vehicle to improve the lives of people that aren’t using it. More specifically, every purchase of PERFORM will help encourage children across the country to get fit, active, and outside playing sport.

We are doing this by donating 20p of each sale to StreetGames, a UK based charity committed to helping kids in disadvantaged communities change their lives through the power of sport.

StreetGames have over 600 projects across the UK, and we’re proud to be supporting them as they transform the lives of young people through the power of sport.

Looking back at PERFORM

After months of development, PERFORM is finally on the shelves. Looking back, did we reach the targets that we initially set out to achieve?

When we created PERFORM, we drew up the following check list:

vivo life perform creation why we created perform

Looking at the product now it is in our hands, we’re extremely thankful to have been able to achieve every single one.

Whatever the future holds for PERFORM, we’re over the moon to have been able to create a product that we truly believe stands head and shoulders above anything else on the market. The journey is just beginning. And we’re looking forward to having you come along for the ride.

If you are interested in learning more about our company, why not check out our podcast episode where Salv and I discuss our whole Vivo Life business journey!

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