9 unexpected ways to use coconut oil | Vivo Life

You've probably already heard of coconut oil, right?

Coconut oil sales have surged within the last few years, and for good reason, too. It's well known as one of the healthiest oils you can cook with, thanks to it's high tolerance to heat, it's undeniably top-notch nutritional profile and the amazing health benefits that it offers!

But if you're only cooking with coconut oil, you're definitely missing out. In fact, it can be used in so many other ways and with a little bit of know how, you can really get your money's worth on every jar you buy!

Here are 9 of my favourite ways to use coconut oil, including a few that you might not expect!

9 ways to use coconut oil

Sweet treats

It’s fab to make sweet potato wedges or stir-fried veggies with coconut oil but it's also a vital ingredient if you want to make raw sweet treats. Coconut oil sets at room temperate so it's amazing to use when you make raw energy balls, no-bake granola bars, healthy flapjack and raw chocolate.

You can either melt the coconut oil down first (in a saucepan on a low heat), add it to your other ingredients then pop it in the fridge to set. Or, if you're making treats in a blender just pop the coconut oil in, whizz it all up and again place your treats in the fridge to set. The coconut oil will do an amazing job at holding everything together and will give your snacks a boost of heart-healthy fats and antioxidant power!

Hair masks

Eating coconut oil will do wonders for the health of your hair but using it straight on your hair as a treatment mask takes it to a whole new level! Scoop out about a tablespoon of coconut oil, melt it between your hands then run it through the lengths and ends of your hair, sleep with this in overnight then wash it out thoroughly in the morning to be left with silky, super shiny, frizz-free hair!

Coconut oil has the ability to go deep inside your hair to improve it's strength, whilst also enhancing shine and softness. Coconut oil will help to seal in moisture, shield your hair from damage and even aid hair growth!

Immacolata's hair mask

Immacolata uses cling film for her coconut oil hair mask to really lock in the moisture!

Face & body moisturiser

Coconut oil is also a miracle worker for skin. It penetrates deeper than other moisturisers you'd buy in the shops, so those healthy fats can really work their magic! The fats in coconut oil help your skin stay uber moisturised, even skin-tone, prevent moisture loss and can even help reverse age damage.

As well as using it on your face you can use coconut oil as a total body moisturiser, yes it's a little greasy so I would suggest trying this one in the evening before bed, but it'll really work it's magic while you sleep and you'll wake up with the softest skin ever that'll look glowing and healthy!

After sun

If you're going on holiday this summer I'd highly recommend taking a small tub of coconut oil with you to use as an aftersun treatment. I don't know about you, but no matter how hard I try to avoid it I'll always get either a little sunburnt or suffer with prickly heat when the temperatures soar but coconut oil is a saviour!

The saturated fats help to replenish lost moisture and lock it in to prevent dryness or flaking of the skin, while the caprylic and lauric acids have disinfectant and antibacterial properties to really do your skin the power of good. Coconut oil is also completely natural, so it's not going to irritate your already sensitive skin like some after-sun products might...winner!

Body scrub

Good exfoliating scrubs can be very expensive, so why not try making your own? Simply mix coconut oil and coconut sugar together to create the best scrub of your life! Massage it into your body using circular motions, leave on for 2-3 minutes then rinse to reveal crazy soft skin. Coconut oil improves collagen cross-linking so it can help to improve stretch marks, scars and fine lines too! Coconut

Teeth whitening

Oil-pulling seems to be all the rage at the moment and doing it with coconut oil is the way to go! Oil pulling is a practice used to detoxify the mouth, kill bad breath, fight bacteria, tackle tooth decay, boost the immune system and whiten your teeth! You swish around 1 tablespoon of coconut oil around your mouth first thing in the morning for 10-20 minutes (don't swallow it!) then spit it into the bin, rinse your mouth with water then brush your teeth.

Coconut oil binds to the plaque and bacteria in your mouth, so when you spit the oil out you'll also be ridding yourself of the tooth-decaying nasties lurking in your gums! When done frequently you'll almost definitely notice your teeth will become whiter, your breath will be fresher and your mouth will feel cleaner.

Cuticle oil

Next time you do an at-home manicure try massaging a little coconut oil into your cuticles. Not only will the oil soften and loosen up cuticles making them easier to push back but as it's a brilliant antibacterial it'll keep pesky germs at bay. The healthy fats in coconut oil should also help strengthen weak nails and even aid in nail growth.

Makeup remover

If you struggle with getting stubborn makeup off after a long day try using coconut oil instead of your usual cleanser or makeup remover. Simply massage the oil into your face and rub it gently onto your eyelids in circular motions, making sure to be extra careful with the eyelashes, then wipe off with a warm, clean cloth. The coconut oil will melt the makeup away, won't sting or irritate the eyes and as an added bonus you'll get a boost of hydration to your delicate skin.

Cleaning the tub

Instead of using harsh chemicals in your bath or shower simply douse a cloth with coconut oil then wipe the scum away! You'll be left with the cleanest, shiniest bath tub without needing to use potentially harmful products. This also works for kitchen surfaces, and coconut oil is a natural antibacterial too which is of course important when cleaning.

It’s no surprise coconut oil is seen as a miracle product with all these amazing, handy uses it has! Whether dry skin, bad breath, lacklustre hair, digestive issues or a scummy bath are your issue coconut oil is there to help you out.

What’s your favourite way to use coconut oil?