Matcha Coconut Bounty Bars

Matcha and Coconut Together, Life Couldn't Get Better!

Have you noticed how just a small amount of matcha powder can give your favourite smoothies, shakes and bakes such a bright green colour?

This is thanks to the exceptionally high levels of chlorophyll, which have been shown to protect the immune system and promote healthy glowing skin.

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a natural energy boost just like coffee, but without the jitters! Matcha contains L-Theanine which promotes focus and relaxation, making your day a lot better! It is also a natural metabolism booster which helps to convert what you eat and drink into energy.

Our Vivo Life Matcha is certified organic A grade, meaning that our matcha powder is made from the highest quality A Grade matcha tea leaves. This gives it a much smoother flavour and more concentrated nutrients than regular matcha powder.

Get your daily fix of matcha with this easy matcha coconut bounty bars recipe!


easy healthy matcha coconut bounty bars recipe


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1. In a bowl combine the coconut, maple syrup and vanilla. Add the matcha and mix well. Taste the mixture and adjust sweetness or add a pinch of salt if desired. Pour this into a lined container or brownie tin, and transfer to the fridge for an hour to chill.
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2. Gently melt the dark chocolate then pour over the top of the coconut mixture. Return to the fridge or freezer to set. Slice into squares and enjoy!

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