Some of the strongest, fastest, and most agile animals on the planet are Fuelled by Plants

We’ve worked with elite fitness coaches and nutritionists to extract the most valuable lessons from nature's best plant-based athletes. PERFORM Like an Animal will help you to build a sustainable health and fitness routine, and a foundation of overall fitness.

Inspired by Nature

At Vivo Life, we believe in learning from nature and working with it: not against it.

Our mission? To improve the health of millions of people around the world, while creating a greener future for the planet, and for all the creatures living on it.

It’s this goal which inspired us to create the PERFORM like an Animal program, to help our community get into the best shape of their life – all Fuelled by Plants.

Fuelled by Plants

A plant-based diet is the single easiest way to improve your health. Put down the low-quality whey protein powders that make you feel bloated and unlock the power of plants to PERFORM at your best.

No Equipment,

No Problem.

Every exercise has a bodyweight variant, so you don’t need a fancy gym or equipment to take part. Are you ready to PERFORM Like an Animal?