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71% of Earth is ocean. Let's work together to protect it.

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For every Vivo Life order made during Ocean Clean Up week, we’ll make a donation on your behalf to Plastic Bank, to prevent 1kg of plastic from polluting our water-ways. Plastic Bank aligns with our values completely. So far, they’ve prevented 30 million kilograms of plastic from entering our oceans. By reducing plastic waste in our oceans, they can protect delicate marine ecosystems, and recycling the plastic we already have reduces carbon emissions. Simply add your subscription products to your basket to automatically receive 15% off then use the code OCEAN15 at checkout for an additional 15% off. The additional 15% off will only apply to your first subscription order. Then you will receive 15% off every order. You may cancel anytime and are not tied into a contract.
Simply add the discount code OCEAN15 at checkout. If using your mobile phone you will need to tap 'Show order summary' to show the discount code box. Plastic Bank has over 502 active locations, with 30,375 registered members, and 105 school programs. Monday 4th July at 9am BST.